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Why wear a sports mouthguard? Seems obvious, right?! You want to protect your teeth and prevent possible concussion injuries. To do this, you actually need to wear your sports mouthguard in your mouth – not jamming it in your helmet, shoving it in your glove, sticking it in your sock, or hanging it out of your mouth, all the while hoping that neither your coach nor the referee notices.
The MoGo Performance Series Mouthguard is the sports mouthguard you will want to keep in your mouth. Using a patent-pending, FDA-compliant technology, MoGo is able to deliver a range of great tasting flavors in its sports mouthguards. No more plastic taste, no more dry mouth. And, even better, the flavor will last game, after game, after game (and practice too). Our technology uses all natural ingredients, is latex and BPA free, and has passed all toxicity tests.
The MoGo Mouthguard was designed in partnership with one of the leading sports engineering firms in the U.S. that has decades of experience developing youth mouthguards, sports protection equipment and helmets for professional and youth football, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and other contact sports.
Sure, the MoGo Mouthguard has flavor, but it has to perform. It will provide you with maximum comfort, protection and breathability so you can focus and perform at your best. This is the mouthguard athletes choose to wear.

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