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The World's First Flavored Mouthguard

MoGo is a sports mouthguard company founded by athletes for athletes. What do most of us do the moment the whistle blows to stop the action? We pull our mouthguard out. Then we hang it out of our mouths or we chew it. Some of us will jam it into our helmets. Others will stuff it down their gloves (yes, that is gross). And if we drop it...well hopefully there is a water bottle nearby. When the action starts again we scramble to get that mouthguard back into our mouths.

Why do we do this? Wearing a sports mouthguard isn't a great experience... it has no taste. Imagine if you regularly chewed gum with no flavor or all you could ever drink is water. Pretty boring, right?! Well, for athletes at all levels, from pee wee to the professional ranks, MoGo has the solution. Using a patent-pending, FDA-compliant methodology, MoGo offers a range of flavored mouthguards.

- No more dry mouth

- No more plastic taste

- No more taking your sports mouthguard out

MoGo is the mouthguard you will want to keep in your mouth... great flavors to choose from all the while providing superior comfort, protection and performance. And did we mention that the flavor will last and last? Another great thing about the flavor technology. Letting you focus on the action and perform at your best.