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Q. How many mogo sports mouthguards are there?

A: MoGo Sports Mouthguards and MoGo Youth Mouthguards currently come in four flavors: Mint, Orange, Fruit Punch and Lemon.

Q. Do MoGo Mouthguards come in different sizes?

A. Yes. MoGo offers both Adult (Age 12 and up) and Youth (Age 11 and under) sizes.

Q. Where are MoGo Mouthguards made?

A. MoGo sports mouthguards are manufactured and packaged in the USA.

Q. What do you need to mold a MoGo Mouthguard?

A. In order to fit a MoGo sports mouthgaurd, you need a bowl of boiling water, a bowl of ice water, a glass of room-temperature water, a mirror, and a watch with seconds display

Q. What is the proper way to mold a MoGo Sports Mouthguard?

A. When fitting your MoGo Sports Mouthguard, it is important to use the correct water temperature to soften the mouthguard. The water should be approximately 180 degrees fahrenheit (equivalent to the temperature of water used for coffee or hot tea). Submerge the mouthguard for no more than 40 to 50 seconds. For a full description, please visit our fitting instructions page.

Q: How do MoGo Sports Mouthguards get their flavor?

A: The flavor comes from a revolutionary technology that allows MoGo to place any flavor into plastic.

Q. Is the flavor sprayed onto the plastic?

A: No the flavor is not coated or sprayed on the plastic; it is impregnated into the plastic and the flavor lasts for nearly the life of the product.

Q: Are MoGo Sports Mouthguards safe?

A: Yes. The flavor and materials are FDA compliant, BPA free and have passed all FDA toxicity tests.

Q: Are MoGo Sports Mouthguards FDA Compliant?

A: Yes. The active ingredients are food ingredients. This product is a physical mixture of FDA compliant components.

Q: Do MoGO Sports Mouthguards contain hazardous chemicals?

A: No. The FDA determined that flavor and materials do not contain chemicals that are considered hazardous.

Q: Was a toxicological test done to determine consumer exposure?

A: Yes an assessment was conducted on the flavor and materials by a third party agency. The assessment determined that neither the flavor nor the materials are toxic and provide users with an acceptable level of safety. Many of the leading mouthguard manufacturers use the same plastic materials as MoGo to make their mouthguards.

Q: DO MoGo Sports Mouthguards contain BPA?

A: No. MoGo does not add any phthalates, heavy metals, or BPA.

Q. Has a nutritional analysis been done on MoGo Sports Mouthguards?

A: Yes. A full nutritional analysis determined the following nutritional facts. MoGo is: Calorie Free Sugar Free Fat Free Sodium Free As we like to say, “All the flavor and none of the calories!”

Q. Where can I purchase a MoGo Sports Mouthguard?

A. Currently you can buy MoGo Sports Mouthguards online at You can also purchase MoGo Sports Mouthguards on and some of the leading sports retail and specialty shops across the country. Keep an eye on our news section, along with our Facebook page and Twitter page, for updates on information on MoGo Products.

Q. Do MoGo Sports Mouthguards prevent concussions?

A. Although it has not been scientifically proven that sports mouthguards prevent concussions it is believed by many doctors and other medical professionals that mouthguards help reduce the risk of a concussion. MoGo Sport is dedicated to generating awareness about concussions and ways to prevent them. Please see our website feature called “What is Your Baseline” for details about concussion prevention. Additional information can be found in our news section in a document titled “Mouthguards & Concussion Prevention.”

Q. Where can I buy MoGo Sports Mouthguards?

A. Well, on this website of course, Click here. You can also buy from Mr Price Sport, Dischem, selected sports retailers and school shops country wide.